How Transcorneal Electric Stimulation Works

Demonstration of TES Treatment

You may have heard about a new treatment methods called TES (Transcorneal Electric Stimulation).

We’ve had so many requests and inquires to see what TES treatment looks like and how it’s administered.

Here is the recorded TES demonstration:

How TES Works:

Transcorneal Electric Stimulation (TES) is a fairly new approach to treat acute-traumatic and degenerative eye diseases.

TES has already shown some promise for Retinitis Pigmentosa and Optic Nerve damage in some research trials.

TES therapy is a painless, non-invasive treatment method that may dramatically benefit degenerative and injured eye nerve cells.

TES is said to increase the release of neuro-protective growth factors, which may have a cell-preserving effects in the retina and optic nerve. That’s a fancy way of saying TES may recover some lost vision and help you keep what vison you have left.

Dr. Andy Rosenfarb has developed a highly effective TES treatment protocol, designed to reproduce the same benefits seen in the original TES research studies.


Is TES and Okustim the same?

This is a question that Dr. Rosenfarb gets asked quite often.

There are other TES devices out there on the international market… including Okustim.

Okustim is not yet available here the US but retails for about $6,000 USD. TES is the same concept as Okustim with different settings and different treatment frequency recommendations.

Here is a replay of our TES Study participants sharing their experiences.

Is TES Right For You?

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