* Case: Dahlia, 28 year old female
Chief Complaint: Stargardt’s, poor eyesight, light sensitivity
“Fifteen years ago my vision started to deteriorate. I came for Micro acupuncture treatment and after one week my vision improved. The acuity in my right eye improved from 20/100 to 20/68 and my left eye went from 20/100 to 20/ 80. My vision field scans showed s lot of improvement as well. I plan to continue treatment to further improve my vision. Thanks Andy!”

* Case: Beth, 36 year old female
Chief Complaint: Stargardt’s, Associated Phoria
“After the first few days of my initial treatment, I noticed definite improvement in my vision. I could read the eye charts better, and my vision field test was improved. As I have been getting treatment when I can and I always see improvement after micro acupuncture, most noticeably with more clarity while driving home. “It was great to work with Andy, he is very knowledgeable and compassionate person. The overall experience was very pleasant and educational.”

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