Macular Degeneration

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* Case: Fran, 76 year old female
Chief Complaint: Macular Degeneration, Vision Loss
“When I first came to Andy Rosenfarb’s office I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, and experiencing significant vision loss. I have completed 30 Micro Acupuncture treatments with Andy Rosenfarb. No words can express my joy. Maintaining my eyesight means a normal life with complete independence. He and his staff are caring and professional, and, I felt that the office was a home away from home. I believe that Andy Rosenfarb is as happy for me as I am. Thank You! Fran.”

“I received Micro Acupuncture from you in May 2004. On May 15, I began using Micro Stim. I am doing so very well. My last eye exam at the New York Eye & Ear Infirmary in July 2004 showed that my eyesight went from 25-40 to 25-30. Also, the pressure in my eyes went from 23 to 18. I am thrilled beyond words!!!”

* Case: Josie, 77 year old female
Chief Complaint: Macular Degeneration, Vision Loss
“After only a few days of treatment, I can see much better. The improvement in my vision is remarkable. I feel as if the cobwebs have swept away and my windows have been cleared.”

* Case: Jim, 59 year old male
Chief Complaint: Macular Degeneration
“I have had Macular degeneration since I was 17, and it began to get real bad in my twenties. Since I started treatment with Andy Rosenfarb, my wife had first pointed out to me that I was seeing things around me that in her opinion, I would have never seen in the past. As I continued treatment, I noticed my vision gradually improving. It’s great to know that my vision will not continue to deteriorate.”

* Case: Mauro, 87 year old male
Chief Complaint: Macular degeneration
“Immediately after treatment I was able to drive 5 miles (through city streets) without my glasses. I found that I just don’t use my glasses as much and end up leaving them around the house. I’m using the micro current you recommended and I am now much more comfortable with my vision.”

* Case: Lillian, 80 year old female
Chief Complaint: Diabetic Retinopathy, severe vision loss
“Andy Rosenfarb was so kind to help me with my eyes. My ophthalmologist said that a few years ago I was legally blind. After about 20 treatments I went back to my eye doctor and he said that he was very surprised to see that my eye sight had actually gotten better since be had seen me last. I told him that I was doing the micro acupuncture and he commented that whatever I’m doing, I should keep doing. I am so glad to have be seeing better.”

* Case: Helen, 66 year old-female
Chief Complaint: Macular degeneration, vision loss, hypertension
“I was diagnosed with Wet ARMD in my right eye and dry ARMD in my left eye. I found information on Andy Rosenfarb on the internet and decided to try it. After encouraging words from him, I eagerly traveled to New Jersey to begin therapy.

“I noticed definite improvement and my vision (visual acuity) improved in both eyes. My left eye was seeing 20/100 from 20/200. My right eye was seeing 20/400 and is now seeing 20/320.

“I really enjoyed the time I spent getting treatment. The office is very relaxing with a very comforting environment. I am so fortunate to have found Andy. I will definitely continue treatment to save my eyes!”

* Case: Mildred, 89 year old female
Chief Complaint: Macular Degeneration
“I love to go bowling weekly and noticed that my scores were going down and my eyes were getting worse and worse. I came for acupuncture to see if it could help me see better.

“After a few weeks I noticed that I could see the TV better and I was bowling better. My scores are up and they I continue to bowl with my friends. I come as often as I can to keep my eyes from getting bad again, and I notice that if I go too long without treatment, my eyes get worse. Thank you for helping me.”

* Case: Robert, 76 year old male
Chief Complaint: Macular Degeneration
“I had originally started my micro acupuncture treatment in Arkansas with Dr. Otte. They referred me to see Andy Rosenfarb in New Jersey which was much more convenient for me to get to. I see Andy for follow up treatments every year to keep me from losing my eyesight. Micro acupuncture definitely works to keep my eyes functioning.”

* Case: Don, 57 year old male
Chief Complaint: Macular Degeneration
“I noticed some vision loss in my right and my ophthalmologist had conformed early-stage Macular Degeneration. I had seen Andy before for headaches, and had significant relief. After my first treatment I noticed a major improvement in my vision while driving home. The vision testing showed significant improvement in my vision as well. You are truly amazing”

* Case: Elderly man with AMD
Chief Complaint: Dry AMD
“I accompanied my father to receive acupuncture treatment from Andy Rosenfarb for his eyes. My father suffers from age-related macular deneration (AMD – dry eye version). I had tried taking my father to another opthamologist (MD) for acupuncture treatments in MD but the treatment was not successful.

“Andy informed me that more concentrated treatments were required along with very key acupuncture points along the meridians relating to the eyes and eye function in order for the treatment to be effective. I was hopeful, but scared since it was the last option we had.

“We had already tried stabilizing the AMD through diet, supplements, and use of a microcurrent stimulator applied 3 times per day. These options helped slow down the progression of the AMD but did not stop it from getting worse.

“After one week of intense treatments with Andy for 5 straight days, my father insisted that it was ‘brighter’ out. He began looking at details more closely and noticed he could see the blades of grass, stones on the ground and details in the distance. He became very excited and so was I! As we continued the treatments, his eyes greatly improved. He could see far better than he had at the beginning of the 2 weeks of treatment.

“I returned with my father for the second year and my father noticed his eyesight beginning to deteriorate again. It happened during the time where he was selling his house that he lived in for 50 years along with all of his possessions. My father was extremely stressed, depressed, and upset with losing his entire life’s possessions. It was the best financial choice to make but it was also the most significant loss of material possessions in his entire life. Andy informed my father that the significant stress was affecting the progression of the AMD. After the first week with Andy, again, my father stated that ‘it seemed brighter out’. After 2 weeks of treatments, Andy was able to stabilize and return my father’s eyesight back to what it was after treatment from the year before. The final result was that my father had no net loss of eyesight.

“Thanks to Andy, my father is healthier than he’s ever been in his life.”

* Case: Edward, 62 year old-male
Chief Complaint: Macular Degeneration (AMD)
“I came with hope to see Andy Rosenfarb, but expected nothing. After two weeks of treatment with acupuncture, herbs, and micro current stimulation my eyes have improved remarkably. I was particularly pleased to read the railway timetable without putting on my spectacles.

“It has been about six weeks since my treatment. My eyes seem to have continued to improve. I noticed, for the first time, that I can read some tiny print on my watch which greatly helps me adjust it when I cross time zones.”

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