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* Case: Millie, 71 year old female
Chief Complaint: Glaucoma, vision loss
“I heard about Andy Rosenfarb form my sister-in-law who was greatly helped by him. He explained that he by IOP (eye pressure) may or may not be lowed for my glaucoma, but he thought he could help me with my vision. After 30 treatments I am seeing much clearer. I can read fine print better and my vision is brighter. I will continue with my supplements. The Body-chemistry testing a showed me things about my health that I could have not of learned anywhere else. Thank You.”

* Case: Sharon, 62 year old female
Chief Complaint: Glaucoma, choroidal detachment, retinal fragility
“After five major surgeries in my right eye in ten months (four of them in the last four months), my glaucoma and retina specialist admitted there was nothing more they could do for my eye. Their recommendation was to continue high doses of medication in hopes that the inevitable loss of my eye could be avoided. It was 1 ½ week after the final surgery, my retina had once again fully detached and I was in constant pain, as if my eye was on fire, especially after each medication.

“I took this as my opportunity to return to the wholistic health approach I had lived by for many years. Almost immediately I was led to Andy Rosenfarb and Micro Acupuncture. When Andy explained that not only could we save my eye and ease my pain but also, at the same time, he would be treating the original condition that caused my eye to manifest in the first place. – I knew I’d found the healer I’d been seeking!

“Andy saw that my eye, so sunken in and badly scared, with a sclera of gray necrotic tissue, had been badly burned through cauterization and continued high drug application. I immediately stopped all the recommended medication and gratefully embraced the treatments. I supported the Andy’s process as proactively as possible through his recommended herb formulas, nutritional supplements, and essential oils, by using a diet and through continued use of visualization, meditation and Qigong. After just two-weeks of Micro Acupuncture treatments, all the pain was gone!

“Just a week later, a visit to my glaucoma specialist found my eye condition so improved over what she had expected to be ‘amazing!’ The expected neurovascularization could NOT be found; inflammation was remarkably reduced; a slight separation in the membrane covering my pupil showed the real possibility that it would fall away without additional surgery; scar tissue was already absorbing; epithelial overgrowth of the cornea had completely disappeared; and although vitreous fluid was not yet filling, my eye chamber was deeper.

“I continue to receive treatments and we are currently working on balancing my metabolic system and I regain physical stability. So you will hear more of my success story later.

“For now, I thank Andy for his true depth of understanding of the way our bodies heal and evolve towards wellness. He has combines his expertise in the ancient healing art if acupuncture with an ongoing comprehensive study of modern analytical healing techniques. At the core of Andy’s work is clear way of seeing the whole picture and intuitively putting all the pieces together for each persons most effective healing.”

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