Are You Ready to Save Your Sight in 2018?

It will soon the beginning of a brand new year.

A time when many folks make new year’s resolutions.

Of course, most people are better at making resolutions than keeping them.

Fitness centers swell with new recruits in January. By March, attendance levels are back to normal.

The ones that stopped coming had resolutions without strong reasons.

The ones that continued had commitment and resolve.

Their desire to make a change was greater than their excuses and stories around why they could not follow through.

And they are the ones who are going to be successful.

We have found the same thing to be true of those who are battling progressive vision loss.

The “do nothing” approach means letting the disease win. We are very much against being controlled and doomed by these diseases.

Vision loss is a formidable foe … and an insidious one. To beat it will take courage, clarity, commitment and deliberate action. It takes a strong commitment to do what is necessary.

Some will say the battle can’t be won. But we know better than that based on those who SHOULD be completely blind by now – who aren’t.

These eye conditions can be beaten based on science, not hope. Not with drugs or surgery, but with a combination of other safe and natural therapies.

A holistic approach. Dealing with the eye condition itself … and dealing with the underlying causes.

Below is a new video from Dr. Rosenfarb that is a Deep Dive into the mental and emotional stress associated with these eye conditions, and viable solutions for recovering and preserving vision based on real SCIENCE, not theory.

Take time for YOU – see if anything that is said resonates deeply and speaks to you.

Commitments begin with the laying out Facts.

Then we access our feelings around those Facts.

Once we have that, we move on to get clear about what we truly want … and finally how to get long term vision preservation!

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