What Fish Oils Should You be Taking?

It is now well-established that taking EPA/DHA fish oil should be part of your daily regiment – if you are dealing with a degenerative eye condition (retinal or optic nerve). For now, I’ll spare you all the subjective claims and studies since you can research that on your own. Just know that there are MANY evidence-based studies showing the benefits of fish oil supplementation for a host of ocular diseases. One study I recently read suggested that taking DHA/EPA daily can actually increase visual fields(5,000 – 8,000 mg/day). Nerve cells regenerate from good fats … we need these key nutrients in order to maintain eye health and function! Some of the benefits of taking fish oil include:

– Repair and Regenerate Damaged Ocular Nerve Cells
– Helps to Control Inflammation
– Helps to Improve Blood Circulation
– Helps to Stabilize Blood Sugar
– Helps to Control Oxidative Stress
– Helps to Relieve Dry-Eye
– Cardiovascular Support
– Better Brain Health

What Fish Oils do I recommend? There are two that recommend most often:
1- Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil
2- Nordic Naturals Omega Vision

I do not recommended you start with high doses of fish oils if you are not already doing so. It can sometimes cause digestive upset and increased bleeding/bruising (especially if you are already on blood thinning medications). Also, some people have unknown allergies to fish, so I always recommend checking to see if you have a food sensitivity to fish.

In addition, fish oil just won’t work for some due to allergies, unpleasant taste or digestive intolerance. For these folks, I recommend taking lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin along with Flax Seed Oil. Very few people have issues with flax seed oil and it can provide the same benefits. Start with 1000mg/day and increase one pill per week. Of course keep plenty of
healthy fats in your diet including olive oil, coconut oil, butter, milk, eggs, avocado, etc. (check for food sensitivities). These foods are critical for brain and eye health!

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