Fire & Eyes: What Fire Are You Fueling?

Fire is consumptive and requires a constant source of fuel. Fire is neither inherently “good” nor “bad.” It’s just energy that isn’t, then it is … then it isn’t.

What matters is the purpose and nature of each specific fire – those fires within our lives.

Often, we become unaware that we are even stoking certain fires. I know that I need constant reminders – like this past weekend when I was hanging out with my three boys, stoking our chiminea and making smores.

Fire can be useful – heats our homes, cooks our food and is used to forge tools and weapons. There are Fires of Passion that create families, communities and nations. The fire of desire sparks all forms of inspiration, innovation and selfexpression.

Of course, fire can also destroy life. We fuel destructive fires of addiction, hate, judgement, fear, anxiety, self-loathing, victimization and self-inflicted isolation. Every day, fueling these negative emotions – and then we sit and wonder why things never get any better. All we have to do is just STOP fueling those fires.

Fires simply burn as long as we fuel them – no fuel, no fire!

Choose to feed the fires of passion within our intimate relationships, fire up creative business and marketing strategies, fire up the Will to exercise and stay fit and use our inner fire to meditate and cultivate a strong and powerful inner being.

With regards to our vision we can get fired up each day and choose to be proactive.

Let’s DO THE WORK fuel the fires of hope, accountability and positive action that will help us maintain healthy vision!

Which Fires are you Stoking?

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