Dr. Andy Rosenfarb Receives 2017 Award: Building Bridges of Integrative Medicine

The annual Building Bridges of Integrative Medicine Conference was held in Reston, Virginia last weekend.

This conference was by far one of the most impressive integrative medical conferences I have ever attended. It was a real gift to connect and spend time with some truly amazing individuals.

I was given the opportunity to lecture on Vision & Consciousness which was an absolute blast. This lecture was recorded and will be available in coming weeks.

I want to thank Grand Master Nan Lu and the TCM World Foundation for acknowledging my work in the field of Chinese Medical Ophthalmology.

It was an unexpected surprise to be presented with the 2017 Building Bridges of Integrative Medicine Aware Award.

Qigong is hands down one of the BEST things we can do to preserve our vision and overall health. I talk about this and show exercises in my book “Healing Your Eyes with Chinese Medicine.”

Anyone interested in learning Qigong, Meditation, Conscious training and self-cultivation should consider checking out the training Nan Lu offers.


Learn more about TCM World Foundation & Grand Master Nan Lu

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