2 Easy New Years Resolutions That Can Save Your Sight

Save Your Sight

Having worked with thousand of eye patients over the last 20 years, we’ve identified two key factors that will negatively impact your vision. Perhaps you have experienced this for yourself?

So, what are these two key factors to save your sight …


EXERCISE: Every week I listen to patients explain how their vision improves with regular exercise, and gets worse when they stop exercising.


STRESS: Mental and emotional stress (chronic or acute) is the second factor that seems to have a negative impact on vision.

So, this New Year why not commit to managing your stress and start exercising regularly?

How do we do that … one day at a time! Start by PLANNING your workouts and the specific exercises that you are will do on those days, and for how long. Combine cardio, resistance training and stretching to keep both your body and your eyes fit.

If you need help, consider getting a trainer to get you started or maybe follow exercise videos.

For effective stress management, it’s important to take a periodic inventory of our emotions and see what’s driving them. Are you bothered by things beyond your control? Are you not taking care of things you need to be taking care of… including yourself?

Make a list if things that are having a negative influence on your mind and stressing you out. Once this list is complete, separate that one list into two new lists:

LIST 1 – Things I can control (and what I can do about it)
LIST 2 – Things I cannot control (and why I should let it go)


Sometimes we get upset about things that we cannot control and once we realize that some things in life things are beyond our control we can let them go. With the list of things we can control, we can prioritize the items and then one-by-one, handle each issue in a positive way.

Another excellent way to help manage stress is daily meditation. If you are inexperienced in meditating, start off with a guided imagery meditation.

Lastly, I have found that there is ONE more factor that separates those who have accelerated progressive vison loss from those who have remained relatively stable, maintaining their vision.


Those who keep up with their supplements and get regular acupuncture (from someone who is well trained), typically preserve vision long-term when compared to those who quit.

Time is something that we can never get back and we simply need to do the work today to save our vision for tomorrow.

We don’t get what we wish for,
We get what we work for!

If you have fallen out of care, stopped taking your supplements and want to get back on track, contact Dr. Rosenfarb through email or by phone.

We can get an update on your situation and immediately get you back on track. There is nothing wrong with getting side-tracked. When we realize this, we can simply return to doing the simple things each day that support our eyes.

Success is the result of consistently doing little things every day, over and over. Yes, it can be boring and sometimes annoying … but it works so do it anyway! Isn’t preserving your vision worth the effort?


1) Exercise Regularly do something every day that involved stretching, cardio and/or strength training.

2) Manage Stress by identifying your triggers and what’s bothering you. Then decide what things you can take positive action on and what is beyond your control.

3) Carve out each day for at least 10 minutes of quiet meditation.

4) Be consistent with your supplements and get acupuncture regularly. If you have fallen off track, don’t feel bad about it. Contact Dr. Rosenfarb and he will re-evaluate your situation and get you back on track ASAP.

Call TODAY for a no-cost phone consultation with Dr. Rosenfarb. 908-928-0060

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